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Monday, December 3, 2007
Search Engine Exposure
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Is Your Website Exposed Online In The Search Engines?

From the standpoint of Internet marketing and online advertising, having a website with good Internet exposure is one of the key factors on being discovered for your keywords. If your company is not a household or well known Internet brand, or you wish to improve company brand recognition online, then this search advertising subject is for your business.

Online advertising comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact, one size does not fit all. Depending on the industry and whether a business is primarily B2B, Business to business or B2C, Business to consumer, will have a determining affect on how the majority of your advertising dollars are spent.

Every business has some sort of advertising budget. Maybe it is only for an ad in the local Yellow pages. Other businesses may have direct mailings in the form of post cards, run weekly newspaper advertisements, place ads in printed trade journals and other technical or business published newsletters, or advertise on radio and television. And still others will spend a large chuck of their advertising budget on Online advertising. However, many of these companies would do well to assign some of their advertising budget and place it into the Internet marketing budget.

Internet marketing is about getting maximum online exposure for a website. This occurs on a number of fronts. One of the fronts is through SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO is actually a misnomer. It is more accurately stated to be WO, Website Optimization. This is the process of fine tuning the website and web pages for particular keywords and keyword phrases. Optimization is actually an ongoing process. Websites are not static creatures. In fact if your website is static, with never any updates to it, this could have some negative connotations in the search engine algorithms. Other websites that continue to upgrade and improve their keywords may have a greater exposure online with all things being equal. Of course, with over a hundred variables for the ranking of websites in the search engine algorithms the keywords are only one facet of Search Engine Optimization.

The online advertising model typically has meant some sort of PPC, Pay Per Click or PPM, Pay Per Thousand Impressions. An example of these is with Google AdWords. With Google AdWords an advertiser can have ads running and being displayed in the search results or content websites in as little as fifteen minutes. While this form of advertising can reap a wealth of new customers it does nothing for you in the way of natural or organic advertising in the search engine results.

When someone searches for a product or service on a search engine the displayed results are known as (natural or organic.) On the right side of the organic results are the advertisers keyword bid text ads. Sometimes there are several sponsored paid results at the top of the SERP - Search Engine Results Pages, clearly defined as "Sponsors."

To think of Online advertising only in one dimension, as either, yes we use Online advertising or no we don't, is not taking into account the bigger sales, marketing, and advertising picture.

Search Engine ExposureLet me give you an example. If you are reading this blog posting, and this very page; do you think it is a form of marketing or advertising? The ad could be an actual advertisement used for Google AdWords. "Are Global Eyes Of The World Seeing Your Business On The Web? Get Your Website Found Online - More Exposure In The Search Engines - www.pwebs.net" At what point does this page stop becoming a topic about Internet marketing and switch to Online advertising? Get the point?

Developing a website does take time. Someone needs to write the content. The content needs to be edited. Good illustrations and graphic images are required along with the content to really make the majority of websites viable. There certainly are exceptions to the rule with some websites having very little if any graphic images and others having a ton of graphic images with very little or no content. However, most of the time the Web brand is well known for each of these particular exceptions.

Likewise, developing a good Online advertising campaign does take time to write the ads or design graphic ads, create and edit the landing pages (place a person goes when they click the ad), (monitor, evaluate, and adjust the keywords), and fine tune the ads and their messages. The landing page design is one of the keys to having good conversion rates. When developing landing pages these can also be used as future pages of the website itself. Sales and marketing personnel could also use these created landing pages when they write to a customer in an email and wish to include more information links. Additionally, these same pages can be picked up by the search engine robots when they spider your website. Hence, there will be more content for your business on the Internet.

So, as the Internet continues to mature, and as the number of web pages published from all corners of the world increases with exponential proportions; it takes a concentrated effort to gain maximum Search Engine Exposure using both Internet marketing and Online advertising.

Professional Web Services provides Internet marketing services, Online advertising strategies, Ethical SEO - Search Engine Optimization, and Web branding solutions.

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